Economics Seminar Series

October 05, 2006

Audio and video files of ten CEPR lectures on economic issues

Learn how to render prominent economists speechless with a single statistic.

Ten lectures on economic growth, labor markets, the housing bubble, intellectual property and more — by economists Dean Baker, Heather Boushey, John Schmitt and Mark Weisbrot.

To order seminars on DVD, email Alan Barber and specify whether you would like individual seminars or the entire set (seminar #7 is currently unavailable). We ask for a suggested donation of $7 per DVD to cover reproduction and shipping costs. The video recordings of the seminars were created with the generous help from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy and the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

Audio, Video and PowerPoints

Seminar 1 | Seminar 2 | Seminar 3 | Seminar 4 | Seminar 5 | Seminar 6 | Seminar 7 | Seminar 8 | Seminar 9 | Seminar 10

 Seminar 1

The Basics of Good Economics

Instructor: Dean Baker
September 15, 2005


 Seminar 2

Growth I: Why Economists Worry About It So Much, and Why You Should Too

Instructor: Dean Baker
September 22, 2005

 Seminar 3

The Long Slide Down and Apart: U.S. Labor Markets

Instructor: John Schmitt
September 29, 2005

  • Related Paper:
    Labor markets and economic inequality in the United States since the end of the 1970s by John Schmitt, April 2005

 Seminar 4

Growth II: Growth in the Developing World Over the Last Quarter Century

Instructor: Mark Weisbrot
October 6, 2005


  Seminar 5

Trade: What Are the Gains and Who Gets Them

Instructor: Mark Weisbrot
October 13, 2005

  • Related Paper:
    The Relative Impact of Trade Liberalization on Developing Countries by Mark Weisbrot and Dean Baker, June 2002 Printable Version


 Seminar 6

When Women Get Paid for Work: The Entry of Women to the Paid Labor Market

Instructor: Heather Boushey
October 20, 2005

  • Related Paper:
    Gender Bias in the Current Economic Recovery?: Declining Employment Rates for Women in the 21st Century, by Heather Boushey, David Rosnick, and Dean Baker, August 2005

 Seminar 7

Horatio Alger is Dead

Instructor: Heather Boushey
October 27, 2005


 Seminar 8

The Federal Reserve Board: The Most Important Source of Poverty in the U.S.

Instructor: Dean Baker
November 3, 2005


 Seminar 9

Financial Bubbles (Stocks and Housing) and How You Can Protect Yourself Against Them

Instructor: Dean Baker
November 10, 2005


 Seminar 10

Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights and Other Protectionist Barriers

Instructor: Dean Baker
November 17, 2005



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