Department of Sociology CUNY Graduate Center

Helping Haiti Rebuild with Dignity, Sovereignty and Justice

Department of Sociology CUNY Graduate Center

365 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10016

Mar 11, 2011

12:00 PM - 1:50 PM (GMT-5)


Left Forum

Over a year has gone by since Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake that killed over 230,000 and left a million and a half Haitians homeless, and - despite the international outpouring of solidarity - reconstruction efforts have floundered and the still raging humanitarian crisis has been compounded by a political crisis. This panel, which was part of the Left Forum conference, explored the reasons why the "international community" has so far failed to help Haiti build back better and propose a radically different approach to supporting Haiti's reconstruction and long-term development which involves, first and foremost, putting the country's destiny back into Haitian hands.

Participants included:

* Alexander Main—Center for Economic and Policy Research
* Theon Gruber - Graduate Fellow at TransAfrica Forum
* Mark Schuller—York College (CUNY)
* Manolia Charlotin—co-founder of Haiti 2015
* Mark Weisbrot—Center for Economic and Policy Research

For more information, visit the event website.

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