More Mind Reading at the Washington Post

July 16, 2020

It’s so great that the Washington Post is able to find mind readers to write their articles. We got yet another example of this gift in an article that talked about Donald Trump’s demand that a payroll tax cut be included in the next pandemic relief package.

The piece told readers:

“….Trump is again demanding a payroll tax cut. He and some allies view the policy as an effective way to stimulate the economy and quickly give workers a boost [emphasis added].”

Most reporters would not know how Trump actually views the policy, they would just know what he says about the policy. For example, Trump may have focus group data showing that a payroll tax cut is politically popular, which would be a reason for him to support it, whether or not it is actually an effective way to boost the economy.

Thankfully the Post’s reporters are able to get behind what people do and say and tell us what they actually think.


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