Press Releases

For Immediate Release: September 19, 2016
Contact: Tillie McInnis, (202)-293-5380 x117

Washington D.C. – Recent media reports have celebrated the strength of the economy based on the high rate of job growth and the low 4.9 percent unemployment rate. Despite this seemingly strong number, a new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) shows that the labor market is only two-thirds recovered from the Great Recession. This provides little support for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates now, or in the near future, and instead supports the need for monetary and fiscal stimulus.

Widely Cited Economic Models Have a Poor Track Record in Projecting the Winners and Losers of Trade Agreements

April 21, 2016

New Issue Brief Shows that US Veto Power and Alliance of High-Income Countries Effectively Exclude World’s Majority

April 15, 2016

New Issue Brief Finds that IMF’s Flawed Estimates May Have Negative Effect on Policy in Eurozone and Elsewhere

April 14, 2016

Data Indicates That Nascent Recovery is Not the Result of Austerity, and Unlikely to Relieve Spain’s Mass Unemployment

December 19, 2015

New Paper Examines “Rural and Small-State Advantage,” Realigned Party Coalitions and Their Significance for December 6 Elections

December 3, 2015