Online Calculators

This calculator shows the year-over-year percent change in inflation with and without three components: food costs, energy costs, and shelter costs.

This calculator can show when various wage incomes, if spread evenly throughout the year, reach Social Security tax freedom day — the last day when it’s subject to any Social Security taxes. It’s important to note that this only applies wage income, and not other types of income (e.g. investment income).

The CLASP–CEPR Turnover Calculator allows employers to calculate how much turnover costs in just 10 questions and helps human resource managers and business owners understand turnover’s toll.

The Health Care Budget Deficit Calculator allows you to see what the projected US budget deficit would be, as a percentage of GDP, if the United States had the same per person health care costs as various other countries which enjoy longer life expectancies than the United States.

The Budget Calculator places specific tax or spending numbers in the context of the total US budget. It converts dollar amounts into either dollars per capita or into a percentage of total revenues, total discretionary spending, or the total budget (including nondiscretionary spending).