Catching up on your reading over the long holiday weekend? Prepare yourself for Monday’s smack of reality by reading up on CEPR’s insights into the GOP tax plan. The Senate is scheduled to vote on their version of the tax bill just after Thanksgiving.

Dean Baker, Eileen Appelbaum, and Alan Barber are talking (WBAI, WDET) and writing (BTP and CEPR Blog) about the potential outcomes of both versions of the bill that now includes the repeal of ACA’s individual mandate.

Dean Baker has this statement about the House version of the tax overhaul bill passed last week:

“The Republicans in the House voted to raise taxes on people with cancer, recent college grads and young people still attending graduate school in order to help finance tax cuts to corporations — that are already drowning in cash — and the very richest people in the country. There is no basis for the promised economic boom. This is a transparent giveaway to the people who fund their election campaigns. It is taking the corruption of politics in the United States to a new level.”


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