The NYT should have its presses washed out with soap. In an article about plans to impose work requirements for Medicaid it told readers:

"The ballooning deficits created by the budget deal that President Trump signed into law Friday and the recent tax bill are likely to add urgency to the party’s attempts to wring savings from entitlement programs."

This needs a big "what the f**k are you talking about?" The Republicans do everything they can to increase the deficit with tax cuts and additional spending for the military and now there is "urgency ... to wring savings from entitlement programs."

Sorry, not on this planet. The Republicans have made it as clear as they possibly can they don't give a damn about deficits. When a Republican says anything about deficits at this point, the only appropriate response is derisive laughter. They have zero right to be taken seriously and the NYT misleads its readers by implying otherwise.