Thinking Big: Progressive Ideas for a New Era

January 15, 2015

with a chapter (“From Financial Crisis to Opportunity”) by Dean Baker

A long and painful episode in our nation’s history is ending, and a new and more promising chapter is beginning. At this critical juncture progressives have a unique opportunity to reassert themselves as agents of bold ideas and catalysts of political and social transformation. This volume presents new and innovative solutions to some of the most difficult problems we’re facing: the financial crisis, healthcare reform, greening the economy, expanding the middle class, improving America’s standing in the world, and many more.

These are difficult times, but the authors of these essays remain optimistic. Together we can restore the power of good government and develop programs that serve our national needs and encourage faith in our public institutions, creating a positive cycle of political change and space for further reform. To do so we will need a rare combination of ideas, action, resolve and leadership. This book is a critical piece of that puzzle.