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The Media’s War Against Biden Over Inflation

Inflation is a problem, but we need to look at the issue with clear eyes. There are good reasons for believing that many of the price increases we have seen in recent months are temporary and will be reversed.
/ November 24, 2021
An angry grocery shopper.

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Recognizing Native American Frontline Workers

and / November 17, 2021

Getting High on Inflation

/ November 10, 2021

Native Americans Need to Be Included in Annual Census Reports on Income and Poverty

The Census Bureau should report income and poverty data for Native Americans in its annual reports on income and poverty starting in September 2022.
and / November 16, 2021

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The Progressive Case for a Unified Child Benefit

/ April 19, 2021

The Defining Down of Economic Deprivation: Why We Need to Reset the Poverty Line

/ September 30, 2020

America as Tax Haven: It’s Becoming Part of US Foreign Policy

Opening up the shell companies of Latin America’s oligarch politicians in the United States would match Biden's well-received words with concrete action.
/ MIAMI HERALD / October 26, 2021

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What Really Happened in Bolivia’s 2019 Elections? Experts Share Their Findings


IMF Surcharges: Counterproductive and Unfair

, , and / September 28, 2021
  • América Latina y el CaribeAmérica Latina y el Caribe

Las sobretasas del FMI: injustas y contraproducentes

Este informe considera que los sobrecargos del FMI son inapropiados e injustificables, sobre todo en medio de la recesión mundial causada por la pandemia y en la recuperación muy desigual entre países.
, , and , , y / September 28, 2021 28 Septiembre 2021

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Por qué los DEG pertenecen a los Estados, no a los Bancos Centrales

/ September 14, 2021 14 Septiembre 2021

Nuevo gobierno ecuatoriano se une a poderosos lobbies internacionales para reincorporarse a tratados de inversión prohibidos por la Constitución

and y / July 16, 2021 16 Julio 2021

CEPR examines how government policies affect growth, employment, prices, poverty and health in the world and US.

CEPR analiza cómo las políticas gubernamentales afectan el crecimiento, el empleo, los precios, la pobreza y la salud en el mundo y en EE. UU.


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The Media’s War Against Biden Over Inflation

CEPR Statement: Biden Makes the Right Call on Powell and Brainard

¿Estados Unidos como paraíso fiscal? El caso del presidente ecuatoriano Guillermo Lasso

Un nuevo informe concluye que las sobretasas del FMI son “inapropiadas e injustificables”, especialmente durante la pandemia

Las sobretasas del FMI: injustas y contraproducentes

Por qué los DEG pertenecen a los Estados, no a los Bancos Centrales

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