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CEPR In the News

CEPR en las noticias

Militar la patente

Brecha Online / January 15, 2021

Long-Term Unemployment Rose Slightly in December

Marketplace Online - American Public Media / January 09, 2021

‘Causa penal’ contra Luis Almagro

LA RAZON / January 07, 2021

Decision Day in Georgia

UpFront - KPFA-FM / January 05, 2021

In Picking a Team, Biden Has Been Guided by Memories of His Late Son

Los Angeles Times Online / December 16, 2020

Las ‘Big Tech’ respiran más tranquilas con Biden al mando de EE. UU.

MIT Technology Review Online / November 20, 2020

Bolivia y las lecciones sobre el poder

TELAM / November 15, 2020

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