Université Paris VII-Diderot 

Opposing the Rules of Banks and Finance Globally

Université Paris VII-Diderot 

16 rue Marguerite Duras 75013 Paris

Aug 15, 2014

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM (GMT+1)


European Summer University for Social Movements

CEPR's Domestic Policy Director Nicole Woo will speak on a panel addressing the growth of global finance.

The last decade has seen more and more of the global economy controlled by the finance sector. From investment banks betting on global food prices, to public services and infrastructure dependent on and responding to the needs of capital markets, big finance calls the shots. What can we do about this process of ‘financialisation’, which leaves the needs of people far behind? FTT, tax havens, banks... : Attac has been ready activive in opposing the domination of finance. What are the challenges ahead of us in a global perspective, and the next strategic steps for the movement ? Will a Financial Transaction Tax and action on tax havens help rein in the banks and hedge funds? And what does financialisation mean for the strategy of social movements and activists?


Nick Dearden (World Development Mouvement, UK), Peter Wahl (Weed, Germany), Nicole Woo (The Center for Economic and Policy Research, USA).

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