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Making Jobs Good

April 24, 2013

John Schmitt

Janelle Jones

April 2013, John Schmitt and Janelle Jones

A series of earlier CEPR reports documented a substantial decline over the last three decades in the share of “good jobs” in the U.S. economy. This fall-off in job quality took place despite a large increase in the educational attainment and age of the workforce, as well as the productivity of the average U.S. worker.

This report evaluates the likely impact of several policies that seek to address job quality, including universal health insurance, a universal retirement system (over and above Social Security), a large increase in college attainment, a large increase in unionization, and gender pay equity.

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good-jobs-policy-2013-04-fig1 good-jobs-policy-2013-04-fig1 good-jobs-policy-2013-04-fig1 
good-jobs-policy-2013-04-fig1 good-jobs-policy-2013-04-fig1  good-jobs-policy-2013-04-fig1 


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