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Report Informe COVID-19CoronavirusHealth and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludHealthcareUnited StatesEE. UU.

Measuring Care Provision in the United States: Resources, Shortfalls, and Possible Improvements

Shawn FremstadShawn Fremstad / June 07, 2023 07 Junio 2023

Article Artículo AbortionDebt CeilingGovernmentEl GobiernoHealth and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludSNAP

What the Fight Over Work Requirements is Really About

Shawn Fremstad and Tori CoanShawn Fremstad y Tori Coan / May 31, 2023 31 Mayo 2023

Article Artículo Food InsecurityHungerJobsTrabajosPovertySNAP

The Upshot of the Empirical Evidence on SNAP’s Work Test: It’s Counterproductive

Report Informe Food InsecurityHungerPovertySNAP

The Dismal Economics of SNAP’s Work-Hours Test and Time Limit

Tori Coan and Shawn FremstadTori Coan y Shawn Fremstad / April 18, 2023 18 Abril 2023

Report Informe AAPIDisabilityGenderInequalityLa DesigualdadJobsTrabajosYouth

Are Young Men Falling Behind Young Women? The NEET Rate Helps Shed Light on the Matter

Article Artículo COVID-19CoronavirusDisabilityEmploymentUnited StatesEE. UU.

Beyond the Headline Numbers in the Jobs Report: Disability and Employment

Hayley Brown and Shawn FremstadHayley Brown y Shawn Fremstad / March 10, 2023 10 Marzo 2023

Article Artículo COVID-19CoronavirusDisabilityDrug AccessHealthcare

Massive Public Investment Made COVID-19 Vaccines Possible

Shawn Fremstad and Tori CoanShawn Fremstad y Tori Coan / March 09, 2023 09 Marzo 2023

Article Artículo DisabilityGovernmentEl GobiernoHealthcareInequalityLa DesigualdadLong COVID

The Extent and Demographics of Long COVID Disability in United States

Hayley Brown, Shawn Fremstad and Julia TacheHayley Brown, Shawn Fremstad y Julia Tache / December 20, 2022 20 Diciembre 2022

Article Artículo COVID-19CoronavirusDisabilityHousehold Pulse SurveyJobsTrabajosLong COVIDPost-COVIDUnited StatesEE. UU.

The Long Reach of Long COVID: At Least 4.4 Million Adults are Currently Disabled by Long COVID

Hayley Brown, Julia Tache and Shawn FremstadHayley Brown, Julia Tache y Shawn Fremstad / October 12, 2022 12 17:03:00 Octubre 2022

Report Informe Affordable Care ActCOVID-19CoronavirusHealth and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludInequalityLa DesigualdadLong COVIDUnited StatesEE. UU.WorkersSector del trabajo

Understanding and Addressing Long COVID

Article Artículo Health and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludPovertyUnited StatesEE. UU.

What Do Fertility and Football Have to Do with Clinton-Gingrich Welfare Reform? Read This to Find Out

Shawn FremstadShawn Fremstad / August 18, 2022 18 Agosto 2022

Article Artículo Affordable Care ActEconomic Crisis and RecoveryCrisis económica y recuperaciónEnvironmentGovernmentEl GobiernoHealth and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludInflationUnited StatesEE. UU.

CEPR Statement: Inflation Reduction Act is Historic Progress

Report Informe DisabilityInequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.WorkersSector del trabajo

Disability and Economic Justice Chartbook

Article Artículo Affordable Care ActDisabilityHealth and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludHealthcareInequalityLa DesigualdadLGBTQ+United StatesEE. UU.

LGBT Adults Are More Likely to Experience Mental Health Hardships, But Less Likely to Get Needed Help

Article Artículo Health and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludInequalityLa DesigualdadPovertyUnited StatesEE. UU.

Romney’s Retreat and the Future of Child Allowances in the United States

Shawn FremstadShawn Fremstad / July 07, 2022 07 11:00:00 Julio 2022

Article Artículo Affordable Care ActInequalityLa DesigualdadLGBTQ+United StatesEE. UU.

Lack of Universal Childcare and Other Family Benefits Hurts LGBT Parents and Caregivers

Article Artículo InequalityLa DesigualdadLGBTQ+United StatesEE. UU.

Children Raised by Same-Sex Parents are Thriving

Shawn FremstadShawn Fremstad / June 15, 2022 15 09:35:00 Junio 2022

Article Artículo InequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.

Staying Together for the Kids Won’t Reduce Mass Shootings

Shawn FremstadShawn Fremstad / June 08, 2022 08 12:00:00 Junio 2022

Report Informe Economic GrowthEl DesarolloEducationGovernmentEl GobiernoUnited StatesEE. UU.

How States Would Benefit If Congress Truly Invested in Child Care and Pre-K