CEPR Spotlight: Unions

December 20, 2022

CEPR’s researchers continue to lead the charge on tracking unionization in the US and outlining the many benefits it has, particularly for marginalized workers.

Research Associate Hayley Brown has analyzed the importance of unionization in improving working conditions and increasing pay for disabled workers and young workers. Her report last month showed how Hispanic workers with union jobs have not only higher wages but greater health and retirement coverage.

CEPR Co-Director, Mark Weisbrot, wrote about the importance of labor unions in midterm election results, and protecting the right to vote. Director of Race and Economic Justice, Algernon Austin, commented on the importance of unions in uplifting economic justice in his analysis of equal opportunity for Black children.

But CEPR doesn’t just “talk the talk” on unionization, we are proud to have a unionized staff ourselves. In addition to being a union researcher, CEPR’s Hayley Brown is also president of CEPR’s local union, the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (IFPTE Local 70). “It’s great to be part of an organization that lives its values. Our staff union is a fundamental part of CEPR’s infrastructure, one that ensures everyone working to fulfill CEPR’s mission is heard and respected. When employees have a seat at the table, it improves both the workplace and the work,” says Brown.

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