Labor Market Policy Research Reports, September 7, 2018

September 07, 2018

Matt Harmon

CEPR compiles recent research to illustrate the state of labor in the United States.

UC Berkeley Labor Center

Driverless? Autonomous Trucks and the Future of the American Trucker

With the rising prevalence of autonomous driving vehicles, Steve Vescelli breaks down how this new technology could affect the trucking industry, and poses policy considerations.


Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

The New Wave of Local Minimum Wage Policies: Evidence from Six Cities

Sylvia Allegretto, Anna Godoey, Carl Nadler and Michael Reich examine how increases in minimum wages have affected employment outcomes in Chicago, DC, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle.


Urban Institute

Local Workforce Development Boards and Child Care

Often times, low-income Americans struggle to improve their skills because of a lack of affordable, quality child care. In this report, Adams provides insights into how local workforce development boards can help address these child care barriers.


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

A Guide to Statistics on Historical Trends in Income Inequality

Stone, Trisi, Sherman, and Taylor’s guide provides a history of economic growth since WWII and details income inequality trends over the past six decades.


The Economic Policy Institute

First Day Fairness

McNicholas, Sanders, and Shierholz highlight the indispensability of unions when it comes to securing fair labor standards and job quality. 

Underscoring that the US economy is not unambiguously at full employment, this report highlights how important extended periods of labor market tightness are for the wage growth of low- and middle-wage workers generally.

The Teacher Pay Penalty Has Hit a New High

Teacher strikes around the US are emblematic of widespread decline public education funding. Recent data reveal that the teacher pay penalty — the percent by which public school teachers are paid less than comparable workers — has reached a new high. 


Center on Wisconsin Strategy

The State of Working Wisconsin 2018

This annual, long-form report takes a comprehensive look at the state of workers in Wisconsin and provides an overview of some critical issues facing the state’s working people. 

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