NPR Nails It: Highlights Two Programs That Make a Difference to Millions

December 21, 2023

I’ve complained a lot about how the major media outlets seem to highlight every piece of bad news about the economy, while downplaying or ignoring altogether the positives. Given my complaints, I want to offer a word of praise.

Last night, NPR ran two pieces highlighting programs that make a big difference in people’s lives. One was a piece that talked about the growing number of people who are getting healthcare insurance through exchanges created by Obamacare. The Biden administration made the subsidies for moderate and middle-income people considerably more generous. As a result, many people can now get insurance for little or no money. This has led millions of people to enroll in the exchanges for the first time.

The second piece was on a person with student debt who had just had his remaining balance forgiven after twenty years on an income-based repayment plan. The Biden administration has made the income-driven repayment plan far more generous. As a result, moderate and middle-income people with student loan debt will pay little or nothing. They also shortened the repayment period so that some people will have their balances written off after a decade.

It is great that NPR noted these programs, not just because they showed positive things the Biden administration has accomplished, but also because there are millions of people who could benefit from these programs, but don’t realize it. By publicizing them NPR is performing a valuable public service.


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