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December 21, 2021

Hi everyone, this is Dean’s colleague Dawn, CEPR’s Development Director. I am hijacking Dean’s blog as I do on occasion to make sure you saw this post I wrote about Dean’s work on vaccines and intellectual property and to point out why that work is worthy of your support.

I was thinking as I began to write this post that I have worked with Dean for over 13 years now (a record in my profession, and a testament to CEPR’s positive work environment and respect for its employees). Anyhow (as Dean wound say) it struck me that just as his 2002 prediction that a growing housing bubble would wreck the economy proved to be true, his work showing that unfair patent and copyright protections lead to economic inequality and poor health outcomes has also proven to be true, with deadly consequences thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic. As regular readers of this blog, I know that you are aware of Dean’s prolific writings on this topic. He’s been saying these things for years, and people are now finally starting to listen.

Dean warned that the collapse of the housing bubble would bring economic pain. Now, he is ramping up his call for policy change that will both level the economic playing field and save lives around the world. I know that BTP readers are some of CEPR’s staunchest financial supporters and we thank you. But if you haven’t already given, please consider making a donation to CEPR today so that we can amplify Dean’s message. We’ve had some success, but thanks to the money and power of those patent protectors, we unfortunately still have a long way to go.

Again, thanks to all of you for supporting Beat the Press over the years. Now back to your regularly scheduled program. And remember, don’t believe everything you read in the papers.


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