Labor Market Policy Research Reports, August 7, 2018

August 07, 2018

Matt Harmon

CEPR compiles recent research to illustrate the state of labor in the United States.

Center for American Progress

In light of strong GDP growth projections, Madowitz and Hanlon explore how such gains fail to improve the living standards of the working class

GDP Is Growing, but Workers’ Wages Aren’t


Jones and Shierholz break down the motivations behind Right-To-Work legislation and detail the ramifications RTW laws would have in Missouri

Right to Work is Wrong for Missouri

National Women’s Law Center

All too often employers deny pregnant workers temporary accommodations that would allow these women to work safely. This report highlights the protections afforded to pregnant workers by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Ensure Healthy Pregnancies and Job Security: Treat Pregnant Workers Fairly

This report provides examples of the ways in which different stakeholders have implemented new policies, practices, and strategies to strengthen support for parents in low-wage jobs

Stepping Up: New Policies and Strategies Supporting Parents in Low-Wage Jobs and Their Children


Corporate profits have been used overwhelmingly to increase shareholder value. In this report, Tung and Milani quantify how such profits could instead improve the lives of workers.

Curbing Stock Buybacks: A Crucial Step to Raising Worker Pay and Reducing Inequality


As concern for the low wages of app-based drivers grows, this report analyzes the implications of the New York City and Limousine Commission’s proposal to implement a minimum driver pay standard.

An Earnings Standard for New York City’s App-based Drivers: Economic Analysis and Policy Assessment

Urban Institute

This study examines how rising wage inequality and a boost in the federal minimum wage might affect future retirement income

Growing Wage Inequality, the Minimum Wage, and the Future Distribution of Retirement Income

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