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Article Artículo InequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.

Why Debate Markets vs. Government When We Let the Right Rig the Market?

Dean BakerDean Baker / January 16, 2023 16 Enero 2023

Article Artículo CryptoDigital CurrencyEconomic PolicyInequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.

Stock Market Index Funds Can Beat Crypto: On Cryptocurrency Investing and Building Black Wealth

Press Release Comunicado de prensa InequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.

New Analysis Shows Risks of Cryptocurrencies for Black Investors and Others

January 11, 2023 11 Enero 2023

Article Artículo InequalityLa Desigualdad

Quick Note on Minimum Age for Mandatory Retirement Fund Distributions

December 23, 2022 23 Diciembre 2022

Article Artículo Globalization and TradeGlobalización y comercioInequalityLa DesigualdadIntellectual PropertyPropiedad IntelectualUnited StatesEE. UU.

Industrial Policy Is Not a Remedy for Income Inequality

Dean BakerDean Baker / December 21, 2022 21 Diciembre 2022

Article Artículo DisabilityGovernmentEl GobiernoHealthcareInequalityLa DesigualdadLong COVID

The Extent and Demographics of Long COVID Disability in United States

Hayley Brown, Shawn Fremstad and Julia TacheHayley Brown, Shawn Fremstad y Julia Tache / December 20, 2022 20 Diciembre 2022

Article Artículo HousingInequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.

Census and WaPo at Odds Over Effect of Inflation on Low-Income Families

Dean BakerDean Baker / November 30, 2022 30 05:43:00 Noviembre 2022

Article Artículo Economic PolicyGlobalization and TradeGlobalización y comercioInequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.WagesWorkersSector del trabajo

The Case for the Trumpers’ Anger

Dean BakerDean Baker / November 08, 2022 08 15:03:00 Noviembre 2022

Article Artículo Economic PolicyInequalityLa DesigualdadIntellectual PropertyPropiedad IntelectualJobsTrabajosUnited StatesEE. UU.WorkersSector del trabajo

Thomas Edsall Talks About the Elites Screwing the Masses, But It’s Much Worse Than He Says

Dean BakerDean Baker / November 02, 2022 02 10:36:00 Noviembre 2022

Article Artículo HaitiHaitiInequalityLa DesigualdadLatin America and the CaribbeanAmérica Latina y el CaribeUS Foreign PolicyPolítica exterior de EE. UU.

More Than 90 Organizations Reject Calls for Military Intervention in Haiti

Jake JohnstonJake Johnston / November 01, 2022 01 09:39:00 Noviembre 2022

Article Artículo Climate ChangeEnvironmentEnvironmental JusticeHispanicHispanicInequalityLa DesigualdadInflation Reduction ActInfrastructure Investment Jobs ActLatinoLatinoUnited StatesEE. UU.

Death and Lost Income: The Impact of Climate Change on Latinx Communities

October 14, 2022 14 12:48:00 Octubre 2022

Event Eventos

“How to Uncluck America” with Dean Baker

October 25, 2022

Article Artículo InequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.

The Market Did Not Cause Inequality, No Matter How Much the New York Times Insists

Dean BakerDean Baker / September 29, 2022 29 11:57:00 Septiembre 2022

Report Informe COVID-19CoronavirusHealth and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludInequalityLa DesigualdadLong COVIDUnited StatesEE. UU.WorkersSector del trabajo

Understanding and Addressing Long COVID

Article Artículo Economic Crisis and RecoveryCrisis económica y recuperaciónInequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.

How Will the Fed’s Rate Hikes Help the Poor?

Dean BakerDean Baker / September 23, 2022 23 08:12:00 Septiembre 2022

Article Artículo Gun Violence PreventionInequalityLa DesigualdadPovertyUnited StatesEE. UU.

Poverty Correlates with the Recent Increase in Gun Violence

Algernon AustinAlgernon Austin / September 26, 2022 26 13:26:00 Septiembre 2022

Press Release Comunicado de prensa Economic PolicyInequalityLa DesigualdadJobsTrabajosUnited StatesEE. UU.

Ending High Black Joblessness and Moving Toward Black Full Employment

September 08, 2022 08 13:36:00 Septiembre 2022

Report Informe InequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.WorkersSector del trabajo

Toward Black Full Employment: A Subsidized Employment Proposal

Algernon Austin and Annabel UtzAlgernon Austin y Annabel Utz / September 08, 2022 08 Septiembre 2022

Press Release Comunicado de prensa Health and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludInequalityLa DesigualdadPovertyUnited StatesEE. UU.

Marking TANF’s 26th Anniversary with a List of Its Failures

August 18, 2022 18 12:01:00 Agosto 2022

Press Release Comunicado de prensa DisabilityHealth and Social ProgramsLos Programas Sociales y de SaludInequalityLa DesigualdadUnited StatesEE. UU.

Post-Roe Restrictions Negatively Impact People with Disabilities

August 17, 2022 17 10:03:00 Agosto 2022