Macron Is Loath to Tax Windfall Oil Profits Out of Fears of Offending Rich Friends

October 14, 2022

No, that’s not what the NYT told us. Its mind-reading reporters instead told readers:

“To date, Mr. Macron has been loath to tax the oil giants’ windfall profits, worrying it would tarnish the country’s investment appeal, and preferring instead that companies make what he termed a ‘contribution.'”

The NYT, of course, does not know if Macron is really “worrying” about damaging France’s appeal to investors. This may be what Macron says, but [pro tip here] politicians are not always truthful about their motives.

There are undoubtedly many people in France who would claim that Macron is beholden to the rich and does not want to tax the oil companies’ windfall profits because he doesn’t want to hurt his friends. The NYT would never consider attributing that motive to Macron as an objective fact, although it may quote a political opponent making this complaint.

In the same vein, the paper should not attribute Macron’s alleged concerns about hurting France’s investment climate as an objective fact. It can simply report his or others’ statements to this effect.


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