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The WaPo’s “Unluckiest Generation” Are Doing Relatively Well in Becoming Homeowners
The Washington Post told readers that the current generation of young people is finding it much harder to become homeowners than young people did in the past. The data disagree with this claim. While young people (under age 35) did become homeowners at higher rates in the early and mid-eighties and the late 1990s until the collapse of the housing bubble, the group that was young from 1990 to 1997, and since 2011, were less likely to be homeowners that those under age 35 today, as shown below.

Dean Baker / August 13, 2023

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Elections 2023

Latin America and the Caribbean

Ecuador News Round-Up No. 3: Presidential Candidate Fernando Villavicencio is Assassinated as Violence Escalates, Luisa González Leads Polls, Lasso’s Decrees Fail, and Accusations of Undue Influence Emerge
At around 6:20 p.m. on August 9, Fernando Villavicencio, the presidential candidate for the Movimiento Construye Ecuador alliance, was assassinated as he was leaving a campaign event in Quito.

Pedro Labayen Herrera / August 10, 2023

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China Doesn’t Need to Fear Deflation
In the wake of the Great Recession there was a spate of news articles warning of the menace of deflation. The story was that something really bad would happen if the rate of inflation went from a modest positive rate to a modest negative rate. This means something really bad would happen if the rate of inflation was -0.5 percent, as opposed to 0.5 percent. This made zero sense then and it also makes zero sense now.

Dean Baker / August 10, 2023

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Taxing Share Buybacks: The Cheapest Tax EVER!
I just saw a piece touting the tax on share buybacks as the basis of the investment boom we are seeing in factory construction. I’m a bit skeptical on that one, I think the incentives provided by the CHIPS Act and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are a far bigger deal, but if taxing buybacks gave a little extra kick, I’m fine with that.

Dean Baker / August 07, 2023