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June Jobs Preview: What to Expect in the June Jobs Report
The job market has been looking much more normal in recent months, although it is still arguably creating jobs at a faster rate than can be sustained over any substantial period. Wage growth has slowed markedly from its pace at the start of 2022. The recent pace of wage growth, as measured by the Average Hourly Earnings series, is only slightly higher than what we saw in 2018-2019. If this story continues with the June data, the Fed should be getting to the point where it can declare victory ove

Dean Baker / July 06, 2023

Article Artículo


CEPR Sanctions Watch



North Korea




CEPR Sanctions Watch June 2023
Sanctions Watch June 2023: Hunger rises in Afghanistan; Caribbean leaders call for Cuba sanctions lifting; Indirect talks raise hope for Iran sanctions relief; North Korea tests missiles due to US-South Korea exercises; EU unveils 11th Russia sanctions; Concerns over Syria crisis, Venezuela strategy, and impact of sanctions voiced by commentators.

Michael Galant / June 30, 2023