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Bad Things That Could End the Good Times
Along with everyone else (okay, not Republicans), I have been celebrating the great economic news we’ve been getting the last few weeks. Inflation is clearly slowing, the unemployment rate remains low, real wages are rising, investment is growing rapidly, and the green conversion is going faster than any of us could have imagined, even if it’s nowhere near fast enough.

Dean Baker / July 29, 2023

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Why We Do This Crap: Review of The Ends of Freedom, by Mark Paul
Mark Paul has done a useful public service in etching out the goals of progressive economic policy. Many of us get bogged down in debate over things like whether the Average Hourly Earnings series is more accurate than the Employment Cost Index, or whether Section 230 protection is giving Facebook, Twitter and other Internet giants a subsidy compared to competitors in print and broadcast media.

Dean Baker / July 25, 2023

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The Fed Needs to Take Stock
In the last sixteen months, we have seen the fastest run-up in interest rates since Paul Volcker declared war on the 1970s inflation spiral. The Fed’s rate hikes to date have had less impact in slowing the economy and job growth than almost anyone anticipated, including the Fed itself. Nonetheless, inflation has slowed sharply by every measure, as has wage growth. We are now approaching rates of wage and price growth that are close to the Fed’s target. Given this situation, it is important that

Dean Baker / July 24, 2023

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Patent Monopolies Lead to Corruption #64,526
The New York Times ran a piece this morning claiming that Gilead delayed the introduction of a new drug for treating HIV because it wanted to take full advantage of the patent life for its drug Truvada, which was a huge blockbuster for the company. The new drug has a patent life that runs to 2031. Truvada’s patent expired in 2017.

Dean Baker / July 22, 2023