What is Happening in Bolivia: CEPR’s Recent Work

June 08, 2022

Updated June 8, 2022


6/1/21: Bolivia After the 2019 Coup: Economic Policy 

12/9/20: What Criticisms of Bolivia’s 2019 Elections Continue to Get Wrong

5/27/20: The Ends Don’t Justify the Means – Center for Economic and Policy Research

3/10/20: Observing the Observers: The OAS in the 2019 Bolivian Elections

2/27/20: Analysis of the 2019 Bolivia Election 

12/12/19: Unnatural Claims in a ‘Natural Experiment’: Escobari and Hoover on the 2019 Bolivian Elections

11/8/19: What Happened in Bolivia’s 2019 Vote Count?

10/17/19: Bolivia’s Economic Transformation: Macroeconomic Policies, Institutional Changes and Results 


12/22/21: CEPR Spotlight: Bolivia

11/11/21: At General Assembly, OAS Role in Bolivia Coup Remains Major Concern

10/22/21: What Really Happened in Bolivia’s 2019 Elections? Experts Share Their Findings 

→  Partial Transcription

10/18/20: Bolivian Elections Live Blog 

8/27/21: New Report on Human Rights Violations in Bolivia in 2019 Sheds Light on the Role of the OAS 

7/20/21: The OAS’s Favorite Electoral Authority in Bolivia Just Slammed the OAS for Causing “Havoc” after the 2019 Elections 

12/22/20: A Tale of Two Elections

10/23/20: Mexico at the OAS General Assembly: Almagro Undermined the OAS Charter and Damaged Bolivia’s Democracy

10/21/20: Data from Bolivia’s Election Add More Evidence That OAS Fabricated Last Year’s Fraud Claims

10/21/20: Bolivians Reclaim Their Democracy

10/20/20: Two Interviews on the Bolivian Coup and Its Aftermath 

10/18/20: Bolivian Elections Live Blog

10/18/20: The OAS Helped Facilitate Last Year’s Coup Against Evo Morales. Now It’s Observing Today’s Bolivian Elections  

10/5/20: Why a DC Public Relations Firm Pretended to Be Bolivian on Facebook

9/18/20: What the OAS Did to Bolivia

9/8/20: The OAS Misused Its Own Data to Help Fabricate Its Accusation of Fraud Against Evo Morales

5/12/20: Under Luis Almagro, the OAS is Advancing the Trump Agenda in Latin America 

6/3/20: How Bolivia’s de Facto Regime Has Taken Advantage of COVID-19 to Consolidate Its Power and Repress Political Rivals 

3/26/20: Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Diego Escobari Approach to Bolivia’s Elections 

3/24/20: Human Rights Conditions Have Deteriorated Rapidly Under Bolivia’s De Facto Government  

2/6/20: If Iowa Were Bolivia, the US Would Have Already Intervened 

2/5/20: Bolivia’s “Caretaker” Government Makes Radical Foreign Policy Changes ― and Wins over Powerful Allies

2/5/20: What Does the Future Hold for US-Bolivia Ties?

1/15/20: CARICOM Stands Up to Bolivian Coup Regime — And to Almagro’s Interventionist Agenda

1/7/20: Calling a Coup a Coup: The State Department Ignores the Law, Again

12/12/19: Preliminary Analysis of the Findings of the Final Report on the OAS Audit

11/25/19: How the OAS, and the Media’s Lack of Scrutiny, Caused a Violent Coup in Bolivia

11/20/19: Evo Morales’s Life was in Danger, and He Almost Didn’t Make it Out of Bolivia 

11/19/19: The Organization of American States Has Deceived the Public, Terribly, on the Bolivian Election

11/17/19: The OAS Helped Drive Bolivia into Crisis — And Enabled a Military Coup

11/16/19: What Happened in Bolivia Was a Coup, and the OAS Played a Key Role in It.

11/10/19: What is Happening in Bolivia: CEPR’s Recent Work

11/8/19: Can the Trump Administration and the OAS Overturn Bolivia’s Election Results?

Press Releases

3/11/22: US Congress Passes Omnibus Spending Bill that Calls for State Department to Investigate Claims of Fraudulent Election in Bolivia in 2019

12/4/21: Pressure Increases for New Biden Administration to Deal with OAS Involvement in Bolivian 2019 Coup  

10/20/21: US Senate Appropriations Language Directs Secretary of State to Examine OAS Role in Bolivia’s 2019 Coup

6/1/21: New Report Shows Bolivia’s Post-Coup Government Caused “Economic Damage” 

5/5/21: DOJ Inquiry and Threats Related to CEPR’s Analysis of Bolivia’s 2019 Elections Should Be Investigated

12/9/20: New Report on Bolivia’s 2019 Election Responds to Claims of Fraud Late in Count 

10/19/20: MAS Victory in Bolivian Elections a “Triumph for Democracy,” CEPR Co-Director Says

10/15/20: CEPR Co-Director Warns of Possible Recurrence of OAS Electoral Fraud in Bolivia 

10/14/20: Bolivia Election Changes Will Make Results Less Transparent Than in 2019, CEPR Researchers Warn 

9/4/20: US Members of Congress Call for Investigation of OAS Role in Destroying Bolivian Democracy

8/26/20: OAS Head Attempting to Expand His Power at the Expense of the Organization’s Human Rights Arm, CEPR Co-Director Says  

8/24/20: Major Coding Error Reveals Another Fatal Flaw in OAS Analysis of Bolivia’s 2019 Elections

8/12/20: International Community Should Condemn Violent Repression of Pro-Democracy Protests in Bolivia, CEPR Co-Director Says 

8/7/20: European MEPs’ Letter, Citing CEPR, Condemns OAS’s Baseless Claims about Bolivian Elections 

6/17/20: CEPR Statement Responding to OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro Regarding Bolivia’s 2019 Elections 

6/7/20: New York Times and New Report Confirm CEPR Analysis Refuting OAS Claims of Flawed Bolivian Election Results 

3/10/20: New CEPR Report Shows OAS “Misrepresented Data and Evidence” in Its Final Audit Report to Justify Accusations of Bolivian Elections Fraud

2/27/20: New Study Finds No Evidence of OAS Fraud Claims, “Very Likely” Evo Morales Won Bolivia’s October Elections in the First Round

10/22/19: OAS Should Retract Its Press Release on Bolivian Election, CEPR Co-Director Says

10/17/19: New Report Reviews Changes in Bolivia’s Economy under Evo Morales’s Presidency 

In the News 

12/2/19: The OAS has to answer for its role in the Bolivian coup | Ha-Joon Chang, James K Galbraith, Thea Lee, Mark Weisbrot, Oscar Ugarteche, Jayati Ghosh , Stephanie Kelton and others | The Guardian 

9/4/20: Congress should investigate OAS actions in Bolivia | The Hill  

9/13/20: Guillaume Long: La OEA escondió sus hallazgos sobre la auditoría en Bolivia – La Razón | Noticias de Bolivia y el Mundo 

7/23/20: The US-Supported Coup in Bolivia: Revealing and Tragic – System Update with Glenn Greenwald 

Other Publications

Do shifts in late-counted votes signal fraud? Evidence from Bolivia – Francisco R. Rodríguez 

Analysis of the 2019 Bolivia Election – John Curiel and Jack R. Williams


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